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4 Player: 3-In-A-Row - Board Game

4 Player: 3-In-A-Row - Board Game

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4 Player: 3-In-A-Row

Game featured in Netflix's The Devil's Plan

This is an incredibly easy to print board game called 4 Player: 3-In-A-Row. This game was showcased in the 11th episode of The Devil's Plan in which four incredibly smart players competed to add additional money to the game's prize pool.

How to Play:

There is a 4x4 grid in which players must place pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally with the goal of having 3 pieces of their own color in a row. The 3-In-A-Row can be done in any direction and must be done with pieces on top, viewable from a bird's eye view.

Each player gets 5 pieces of their own color in the game and can take one of two actions: place a new piece or move an already placed piece of their own.

Placing a New Piece:

  • Can be placed anywhere on the board, including on top of other pieces. However, the stack limit is 3 pieces.
  • Can place a stack of 1, 2, or 3 pieces at once during your turn.

Moving a Placed Piece:

  • May only move one of your own pieces and it must be the top piece in that spot.
  • Can be moved in any direction, including diagonal.
  • Cannot exceed the stack limit of 3 pieces.

If you're unable to place a piece or move a piece, your turn must be passed.

Players take turns placing their pieces in a cycle until one player has achieved a 3-In-A-Row.

Enjoy playing!

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